Kingdom of Haice

The Kingdom of Haice was formed in the valleys between tall mountains. Between these great walls of earth the sky gods seemed impotent and aloof. The people of Haice overwhelmingly pray to the Gods of the Earth.

Quick Info

Ruler: Prince Regent Ryneld Welstoth
Capital: Thornmire
Key Locations: Welstoth Castle, Cregspern, Natruvish
Religion: Officialised worship of the Gods of the Earth.
Civilisation Traits: Devout, Circumspect, Practical


The Kingdom of Haice is an old Kingdom, raised in the valleys of the Fosling Mountains. It has always enjoyed a prominence in world politics due to its proximity to the sources of a number of rivers including the Linder. The valleys are a great source of metals and minerals which produce a great trade income down the rivers.
The Welstoth royal family has owned Haice for eleven generations. They have always been a prominent ruling family with their base as Castle Welstoth in the west. They took power following the dying out of the previous dynasty. Haice has a history of producing long-lasting and strong ruling dynasties.

Post Great War

Very few of Haice’s population were on Sunstride when the world burnt. Many chose to stay close to their gods and refused to live aboard a monument to the Sky gods.
Prince Regent Ryneld Welstoth is the de facto ruler of Haice. He is the younger of four brothers; his father King Potryd Welstoth and his other brothers are assumed dead following the war. Ryneld was appointed to be Haice’s diplomat on Sunstride, and is reluctant to claim the crown.
On Sunstride the people of Haice suffer. The propoganda against the gods of the Earth see them victimised by the more fervent supportors of the Sky Gods. The people are broken, many survive without their families and kin.


The people of Haice have always had strong ties to the mountains and the earth. They tend to be practical people and make do with what they have. They respect craftsmen, especially metalworkers and they are awarded a high status in their societies, even lords and nobles treat them (relatively) well.
There is a two-tiered citizenship. The people of the Fosling valleys tend to look down on those that riside outside them.

Notable People

Prince Regent Ryneld Welstoth

Kingdom of Haice

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