In the years before the Great War the planet was split between a range of Kingdoms, Republics and Free States. They traded, warred, built alliances and betrayed; Kingdoms rose and Kingdoms fell.
When the Great War began the continent was split into Kingdoms too numerous to count, though six in particular dominated above all the rest.

The 6 Greater Kingdoms

  • The Rosewind Magocracy: A Kingdom forged through the arcane. Superstitious enemies watch for cracks in its power.
  • Kingdom of Haice: A Kingdom that tied itself to the earth gods. On Limbo a few remain, clinging desperately onto a council seat earned through former power.
  • Republic of the Linder: A collection of cities grown rich on the River Linder. Cemented together through coin and mutual advantage.
  • Kingdom of Conister: Ardent followers of the sky gods. Their fervour and power has grown following the Great War.
  • Kingdom of Auphine: The strongest Kingdom. Respect and power earned through strength in arms and strength in seed.
  • Kingdom of Vakra: Near as powerful as The Strong. They wield their pride like a sword

The Lesser Kingdoms

  • Kingdom of Hollenwold: A mediocre Kingdom, it’s prize jewel was a Cradle town. Luck meant that Limbo was anchored there when the war came, their numbers have granted a council seat.
  • The Many: A thousand Kingdoms, DFree States and Republics. Each has a bloated sense of their own worth. They vie for any semblance of power in the councils of Limbo.


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