Republic of the Linder

The Republic of the Linder is formed by a collection of towns and cities that exist on the banks of the Linder. The Republic has grown rich on the banks of the Linder which is the heart of trade on the continent. The government of the Republic is elected and based in the city of Sodial, though the Republic is highly decentralised and other towns and cities have autonomy to set their own laws and customs.

Quick Info

Ruler: Chief Magistrate Gellard Dearwater
Capital: Sodial
Key Cities: Farrenswell, Millow, Zans Crossing
Religion: Varies by city.
Civilisation Traits: Shrewd, Tolerant


The Republic of the Linder was born by trade. The many kingdoms of the Linder were bound together by trade pacts and a mutual need to defend their rich holdings. Over time these alliances strengthened and slowly formed into a single nation. The rulers of the Linder gave up some of their strength in order to form a single unified council.
The Republic was sealed in 458 when King Faltus Kite of Vakra declared war on the nations along the Linder. The Republic acted as one to form a unified army, which after 3 years of fighting managed to win a white peace.

Post Great War

The people of the Linder were always well travelled. Their traders were always willing to travel in order to gain access to new markets. As such the population from the Republic on Sunstride is high. The Chief Magistrate Ronald Winnott managed to seek refuge on Sunstride when the world burnt. He has since lost his position, the recent elections have seen the relatively young Gellard Dearwater take his place.


The people of the Republic of the Linder have been raised in a culture of trade and money. They are generally very shrewd and very good at getting good prices for their goods. It is said that only a fool tries to haggle with a citizen of the Linder.
The varied nature of the cities of the Linder means that its citizens are more open and accepting than most. They don’t let personal opinion get in the way of trade, though they are willing to debate their own beliefs in the pubs and coffeehouses of the Linder.

Notable People

Chief Magistrate Gellard Dearwater
Magistrate Ronald Winnott

Republic of the Linder

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