Sunstride is bla bla bla.


The city of Sunstride is made up of three distinct areas, which are divided into a number of districts.

The Surface

The surface of Sunstride is home to its richest and most powerful residents. It is mainly owned by members of nobility from the most powerful of the old kingdoms. Powerful organisations and some extraordinary baseborn also have holdings. The Council is also held here, in the Sunspire which rises from the centre of the disc.
The majority of the land is used for food production. The council collects levys on all the food produced from the owners of the land. The system largely replicates the old, pre-war feudal systems. Farmers are well respected and usually make their home in the Middlecity.

The Middlecity

The Middlecity consists of the interior of the top disc through to the second disc (and its interior).

The Undercity





Class Traits

  • Noble: Entitled
  • Burgher: Hard Working
  • Lowborn: Downtrodden
  • Undesirables: Inured


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