The Rosewind Magocracy

The Rosewind Magocracy was a nation ruled by the magically attuned. The nation formed around the mages guild of Rosewind, the most powerful of the continent.

Quick Info

Ruler: Magister Theodore Beak
Capital: Rosewind (Cradle City)
Key Locations: Druymen, Pylia, Crowswatch
Religion: No official state religion, mages often view themselves as more important than the Gods. Population split between the Gods of the Air and the Gods of the Earth.
Civilisation Traits: Secretive, Hierarchical


The Rosewind Magocracy formed around the Rosewind mages guild. As the guild increased in power it began to wield a greater influence over the politics of Rosewind and its surrounding tributaries.
The mages usurped power from Duke Rutger Quince in 327. The young Duke drained grevious taxes from the cities, which he spent for his own benefit. The mages seized his lands in a bloody coup after the Duke fortified himself in the Towering Keep.
Rosewind slowly expanded over time. The greatest expansion came under Magister Geralt Holm, who managed to quadruple the lands held and is held as the greatest Magister in recent years.

Post Great War

The Magocracy always maintained a significant population on Sunstride. Many mages were drawn to the City to study its construction and to research its secrets. With the mages came a great number of staff, servants and assistants. The mages were often hired to help maintain the mechanisms of the city.
Magister Theodore Beak was appointed to lead the Magocracy on Sunstride. Theodore was the chief ambassador and senior representative of the magocracy on Sunstride prior to the war. The previous Magister, Holness the Charred, is presumed dead following the war.
Theodore Beak has used his new position in the council to expand the Magocracy’s power in the city. Capitalising on the general populaces distrust for mages Theodore Beak convinced the council to grant responsibility for all mages to the Magocracy. All mages have to be registered with the magocracy, those that don’t are forced to by the Magocracy’s Grey Watch.


The Rosewind Magocracy is an extremely hierachical society, the guild dominates all. Mages earn their rank through hard work, connections and magical skill; the most talented mages will struggle to rise without the right connections. Non-magic users make up most of the population. Chances to rise in rank are rare though not impossible, similar to feudal society. The mages expect a great deal of respect from their lessers and a complex set of customs have been formed including:

  • Bow when meeting a superior.
  • Never meet a superiors eyes unless they meet yours.
  • Never question a superior.
  • Always carry out the orders of a superior.

The mages are known for their secrecy. They know that the nobility will seek any chances to steal away their power.
The mages hold a number of festivals each year often performing using their magic. Some mages have taken to this naturally and earn great money through their performances. As well as performing traditions have arisen to match the Knightly tournaments. Winners are often awarded titles so it is a reliable way of rising in rank and status.

Notable People

The Rosewind Magocracy

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